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    笔试准备习题帮你通过笔试(permit written test)

    This course includes Review Questions that will help you to pass Illinois Instruction Permit/Written Test .

    Este curso lo ayuda a repasar las preguntas para aprobar el examen escrito de conducir de Illinois (examen del permiso de aprendizaje).

    Please click on this course (top left blue course title: Illinois Remedial Driver Education Course);

    Pay there and then we will contact you to schedule the class time.  We usually have the class in evenings or on weekends.

    There are 0-14 chapters and Police Stop chapter (6 minutes to 35 minutes each), as well as a final exam in this course listed in the table of content. Please complete the chapters and the exam sequentially from chapter 0. After a student completed a chapter, a check mark will appear at the left of the listed chapter in the table of content.

    You can study anywhere and anytime, and start and stop the course anywhere anytime.The system will record your stop point and restart at the stop point next time.

    You have to complete the course within 30 days after enrolled (paid). Otherwise, the course will be expired and you will fail it. If expired, you have to pay again and retake the course.

    If you need any help, please chat online, contact us  at icanpassdrivingschool@gmail.com or 217 904 5127.
    Thank you, I Can Pass Driving School